Q&A Sessions – Meet the Team – Kourtney Livingston

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1. What do you do at the clinic?
A. I am a registered massage therapist, a certified athletic therapist and currently in school working towards my osteopathy. I treat a range of conditions from athletes, weekend warriors, post-op and pre-op patients and also anyone looking for injury prevention.

2. Favourite area of the body to treat?
A. My focus is to treat the body as a whole and not just look at the body from a regional perspective. Correcting injuries or imbalances in one area of the body doesn’t always alleviate the pain as there can be a contributing factors from other areas in the body.

3. What do you like to do outside the clinic?
A. I love being outside!!! Anything from hiking, camping, to gardening. I am also an advocate for physical fitness, I love weight lifting including regular participation in crossfit and road biking in the summer.

4. Favourite sport?
A. I don’t have a favourite sport, I enjoy being at almost any live sporting event.

5. Favourite vacation spot?
A. My cottage!

6. Tell us something random about you.
A. I’m a dog person!! Cats don’t seem to like me very much!!

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