Here are a few of our most used items. We use these ourselves and with our patients. You can purchase at the clinic if you prefer.

We offer custom brace fitting for:

  • ACL/ligament injuries/prevention
  • Osteoarthritis unloader braces

Many extended healthcare insurance companies cover the cost of custom and off-the-shelf braces. You may need a Physician referral for your insurance. We can provide you with a custom brace quote before or after your first visit.

Our dedicated front desk staff can also help you with contacting your insurance company to make the process run smoothly.

Below, we have provided you patient education videos for proper fit for your Custom Breg & DonJoy braces. Just click on the picture below.

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Fusion men knee brace breg

Custom Ligament Knee Brace

Common uses: pre and post-operative ligament injury (ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL).

This brace can help stabilize the knee and allow the individual to complete more activity without discomfort. Often used before surgery to help support the knee and after surgery for return to sport/activity for up to 2 years. Can be used for activity and daily use.

FusionMensOA brace Breg

Custom Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Common uses: Uni-compartmental OA (medial or lateral), chondral defect procedures, meniscal procedures.

This brace can immediately offer relief to knee pain and prevent further arthritic changes in the knee. Ideal for patients suffering from mild, medial or severe OA. Can be used for activity and daily use.

Foam Roller


TENS Machine


Ultrasound Machine








The Stick


Exercise Ball


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