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About Us

We are TWO multi-disciplinary healthcare clinics, located in Orangeville & Mono, Ontario. The vision is always to help others live the best in their bodies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the trusted leader in rehabilitation care by compassionately embracing the needs of the community – one problem, one goal, one person at a time.

To do that, we believe we need to work with a team of amazing individuals. By providing a variety of services under one roof, we can help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. You, as a WHOLE, will be treated, rather than just the specific area of the body that is in pain.

Our Vision

Our goal is to empower individuals to move better and feel better by providing quality healthcare. Our goal is to be a resource for health in the community and reach people to make positive changes in his/her life.

We strive to be the best in order to help you!

Our Team

  • Lori Barnes
    Lori Barnes Clinic Manager

    Lori is the Clinic Manager at Healthwise Physiotherapy. She has a background in administration in several health fields including dental, chiropractic and physiotherapy and can help with all of your insurance questions.  Lori ensures the clinic runs smoothly by offering direct support to all of our providers, administrators and patients.  When she is not in the clinic, Lori can be found camping, walking with her dog, or spending family time here in her hometown of Orangeville.

  • Scott Lyall
    Scott Lyall Registered Physiotherapist, MScPT, BASc. (KIN)

    Scott is a graduate of the McMaster’s Physiotherapy program. Scott has a passion for health sciences, physical fitness, and helping patients achieve the highest level of physical functioning possible. Scott values continuing education and has training in Acupuncture, Osteoporosis, and Strength Conditioning. Scott loves trail running, hiking, back country camping, and long-distance cycling.

  • Lauren Roberts
    Lauren Roberts Registered Physiotherapist, MScPT, B.Kin

    A Physiotherapist for over 12 years, Lauren primarily focuses on working with runners and running-related injuries. Her specialty is run form analysis and shoe prescription, as well as providing return-to-run plans for people who have been sidelined with injury. She is the creator of the Real Running Course for Clinicians – a course taught year-round to physiotherapists all over Canada that provides a framework for assessing and treating runners. A nature lover at heart, she lives in Orangeville with her husband and two daughters. Lauren also runs a physiotherapy clinic in Toronto that primarily focuses on working with runners.

    Lauren went into physiotherapy after being told at a young age that she had inverted thigh bones and would never be able to run. Now, 30+ years later, Lauren has raced at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Austria and has completed many half and full marathons including the Boston Marathon in 2018. Although a busy family life has temporarily shifted Lauren’s running priorities away from the starting line, she still finds time to strength train and practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Her personal philosophy is “pro movement” – that anyone can run regardless of background, age, size, or injury.

    While Lauren has exemplary experience in working with runners, she is well-versed in all types of injuries from low back pain to headaches

  • Laura Reithmeier
    Laura Reithmeier Registered Physiotherapist, MScPT, MScBio, BSc.

    Laura is a graduate of the McMaster Physiotherapy program, after completing a MSc. in Biology & a Bachelor of Science degree. Laura has training in acupuncture, concussion management, osteoporosis rehab, soft tissue release, & manual therapy. Originally from Nova Scotia, Laura enjoys exploring the area and staying active: running, hiking, cycling, & strength training.

  • Gurleen Bhangoo
    Gurleen Bhangoo Registered Physiotherapist MPT, BASc Kin, FHP

    Gurleen is a graduate of the Western University Master of Physical Therapy program. Her prior education includes an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Kinesiology from the University of Guelph and a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion from Humber College. She believes an individualized treatment approach is essential for recovery and utilizes person-centered care
    to better understand patient goals. She likes to use a multi-modal treatment approach in various patient populations to support the achievement of these goals. Outside of work, Gurleen enjoys a variety of outdoor activities and sports, listening to podcasts and spending time with her family, friends and dog Draco.

  • Tristen Stableforth
    Tristen Stableforth Registered Physiotherapist, MScPT, BHSc

    Tristen is a graduate of The University of East Anglia’s MSc Physiotherapy program. Previous to this, he completed his Bachelors of Health Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. He is a strong believer of patient-centred care and treating patients holistically. Tristen endeavours to help motivate people to maintain an active, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

    Outside of work Tristen enjoys an active and outdoorsy lifestyle, whether weight-training, running, playing soccer, snowboarding, hiking and golfing.

  • Kody Watson
    Kody Watson Registered Physiotherapist, MSCPT, M.KIN, BA (HONS)

    Kody is a graduate of the Queen Margaret University Physiotherapy program. His prior education includes completing a Masters of Kinesiology and a Bachelors of Kinesiology and Physical Education at Wilfrid Laurier University. Kody has also furthered his training in Strength & Conditioning rehabilitation. His personal and research interests are focused on long-term athlete development and healthy cognitive aging with lifetime physical activity. Kody enjoys working with multiple populations and providing them with the knowledge and holistic support required to live a healthy and active lifestyle. In his free time, Kody likes to stay active by playing competitive soccer, strength training, and running.


  • Nirushan Guruparan
    Nirushan Guruparan Registered Physiotherapist MScPT, BA(Hons), BSc(Hons)

    Nirushan is a graduate from Queen’s University’s Physiotherapy program. His prior education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from York University. Through a decade of education, he can create a holistic picture of his clients and their conditions, which serve to guide the best treatment approach. Having worked as a physiotherapist in British Columbia and Ontario, Nirushan has worked with various clients including individuals with orthopaedic injuries, motor vehicle
    accidents, work injuries, athletic injuries, and post-operative (knees, hips, shoulders). His treatment style is a combination of manual therapy and exercise prescription, with an emphasis in functional and athletic training/recovery. He has training and experience using joint mobilization techniques, Mackenzie techniques, taping, active tissue release, and dry needling. Outside of the clinic, Nirushan is part of the Executive Committee for the Global Health Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, where he hopes to use his training as a physiotherapist to help underserved communities. In his free time, Nirushan enjoys spending time with his family and friends, watching new TV shows, going to concerts, hiking, lifting weights, keeping up with basketball, soccer, and tennis news, and learning about fitness, nutrition, diet, and new exercises.

  • Ashleigh Stableforth
    Ashleigh Stableforth Chiropractor, HBSc. (KIN), D.C.

    Ashleigh completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2010 and has been practising in Orangeville ever since. She incorporates manual adjustments and myofascial release techniques into her treatments. Ashleigh has a passion for providing prenatal and infant chiropractic care. She is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and is certified in the Webster Technique. Outside of work, Ashleigh enjoys spending time with her husband and two young daughters.

  • Peter Hrkal
    Peter Hrkal Chiropractor, D.C., ART®

    Peter is a Chiropractor trained in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, ART®, spinal/extremity joint manipulation, and functional rehabilitation. He has a certification in concussion therapy (complete concussion management inc) as well as a Master’s degree in rehabilitation science. Peter works with and helps out several local athletic organizations, treating many triathletes, crossfit athletes and hockey players among others. He works at both our Centennial Rd & AI clinics. Apart from work, Peter enjoys the outdoors, cottaging and fishing.

  • Christian Hatz
    Christian Hatz Registered Massage Therapist, R. KIN

    Christian is a graduate from the Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from York University and is a Certified Personal Trainer/ strength and conditioning specialist. He believes in a holistic approach to health and fitness; aligning the mechanical components of the body with the driving force of the mind and the spirit. Christian enjoys sports in general and loves distance running, weight lifting and music (especially karaoke).

  • Steven Norton
    Steven Norton Registered Massage Therapist

    Steve is a certified RMT with over 10 years of experience in Swedish, deep tissue, sport and Thai massage. He also holds certifications in cupping therapy and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). Throughout his career Steve has helped a diverse spectrum of clients, including world champion athletes in Squash, ballroom dancing, professional wrestling and multiple combat sports. Steve speaks English and French, is learning German and enjoys traveling, cooking and staying active

  • Meagan Crawford
    Meagan Crawford Registered Massage Therapist

    Meagan graduated from the Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in 2016 after obtaining a Bachelor of Applied Science in Kinesiology and a Diploma in Fitness and Health.

    Meagan values a collaborative environment and offers individualized treatment plans to help her patients reach their goals. She practices Swedish massage and incorporates trigger point and myofascial release techniques, followed by movement education and remedial exercises.

    Meagan likes to recharge by spending time with family, gardening or playing seasonal sports.

  • Josee Brisson
    Josee Brisson Registered Massage Therapist

    Josée Brisson is a graduate of CCMH. Originally from Northern Ontario, she has called Orangeville home for over 10 years and has raised her 3 boys here. She is a dedicated ,compassionate RMT providing holistic healing through therapeutic touch. She approaches each treatment with an understanding of body mechanics and individual needs. Her client centred approach ensures that each treatment is tailored and addresses specific needs and concerns whether it is to alleviate pain, decrease stress, or promote wellness.
    In her spare time, Jose enjoys playing hockey, slo pitch, golfing, walking her dog, and spending time with her grandson. She is also bilingual.

  • Rebecca Hoekstra
    Rebecca Hoekstra Certified Athletic Therapist, CAT(C), BAHSc (AT), BSc(Kin)

    Rebecca is a Certified Athletic Therapist who completed her Athletic Therapy degree at Sheridan College, before which she obtained her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo. Rebecca enjoys treating a variety of injuries and helping her patients get back to their sport, work or daily activities. Rebecca uses a whole body approach to her assessments and treatments to ensure not only is the injured site addressed but also the surrounding tissues. Treatments with Rebecca include a variety of manual therapy techniques (including soft tissue and muscle energy techniques), various modalities and personalized exercise home programs. Rebecca is highly trained in athletic taping for all types of injuries, as well as orthopedic bracing. When Rebecca is not working, she can be found training and competing her dressage horse or spending quality time with her family.

  • Matt Quattrociocchi
    Matt Quattrociocchi Canadian Certified Pedorthist B.Kin., C Ped Tech (C), C Ped (C)

    Matt completed post-graduate education in pedorthics at UWO, practicing since 2002.
    Matt is in good standing with the college, plays an active role with the Pedorthic Association of Canada & is Chair of a task force regulating the profession. As a foot-care professional and avid athlete, Matt’s knowledge & love of sports compliments & enhances his ability to treat patients.

  • Sabrina Caruso
    Sabrina Caruso Fascial Stretch Therapist - Level 2

    Sabrina’s passion for sports started at the age of 5 where she played soccer, hockey, volleyball, softball. Sabrina’s outgoing nature and love for sport veered her into the fitness industry after high school, where it has become a life long passion to help people achieve health and fitness goals. After 30 years in the industry and still playing sports she has found herself with many chronic injuries. After trying many types of treatment and modalities out there, Sabrina found FST as a client. She quickly fell in love with the many benefit and how mobile she felt, so she decided to become a FST practitioner to help eliminate chronic pain and restore peoples mobility and Sabrina is now a Level 2 FST Therapist. When Sabrina is not at work you can find her in the gym, playing hockey, hiking, mountain biking, walking my dog or just being a mom to her 13 yr old son.

  • Paige Pryce
    Paige Pryce Physiotherapy Assistant/ Administrator

    Paige is a Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistant, she graduated from Algonquin College in Ottawa in April of 2020. She has versatile experience due to her many placements at long-term care facilities, physiotherapy clinics and her particular favorite Ausome Ottawa, a program helping children with autism get active and engage in social settings. Paige is also very knowledgeable on everyday life modifications due to the Occupational background and has experience with working with patients on SMART goals and helping them achieve said goals.
    Paige has many passions and loves to swim/hike and spend her time playing with her dog Bauer as well as enjoying her time with family and friends!

  • Nikita Moni
    Nikita Moni Registered Kinesiologist

    Nikita is a Registered Kinesiologist who graduated from Western University in 2016 with a BA in Kinesiology.  She is also trained in custom knee brace fittings. What drew Nikita to this career is the ability to interact with various patients and help them to achieve their goals throughout their recovery process. In her free time, Nikita enjoys music, playing sports with friends, and hikes. She also has a black belt in Karate.

  • Lisa Glazier
    Lisa Glazier Registered Kinesiologist

    Lisa is a Registered Kinesiologist who graduated from Humber College with a Fitness and Health Diploma and then continued her education at Guelph-Humber University where she completed her Honours of BASc Kinesiology Degree.  Lisa has always had a passion for fitness, health and helping others.  Lisa runs the GLA:D Canada program at the clinic which helps Osteoarthritis patients to become more functional and to maintain function in everyday activities.  Outside of work Lisa enjoys staying active and spending time with her family and friends.

  • Janae Ambrose
    Janae Ambrose Physiotherapy Assistant

    Janae is a recent graduate from Redeemer University, after completing a kinesiology degree. She is a physiotherapist assistant and her future goal is to become an Occupational Therapist and specialize in rehabilitation following MVA’s. In her free time, Janae keeps herself busy by playing sports and activities such as basketball, volleyball, football, frisbee, biking, swimming, fishing, hiking and strength training. She is passionate about helping people overcome their injuries and rebuild strength and confidence.

  • Gabrielle Bakker
    Gabrielle Bakker Physiotherapy Assistant

    Gabrielle is a graduate of McMaster University’s BSc in Kinesiology program. She has always had a passion for rehabilitation and physical therapy, and hopes to return to school in the future to work towards a career in a related field.
    Outside of work she enjoys travelling, reading and getting active outdoors.

  • Sadie Pay
    Sadie Pay Administration

    Sadie has been an administrator for several years in the foot care field. She grew up in Orangeville and is excited to support the members of her community!
    Sadie is passionate about helping others and hopes she can bring her knowledge to assist the patients at Healthwise.
    Outside of work, Sadie can be found backpacking, walking her dog and travelling. She also recently started golfing!

  • Brianna Lewis
    Brianna Lewis Administrator

    Brianna grew up in the Shelburne area and went to Fleming College in Peterborough and got her diploma in Community and Justice Services.

    Brianna is new to being an administrator and is very excited to be a part of the Healthwise team!

    Outside of work Brianna loves hiking, camping, reading and spending time with her dog.

  • Tyler Conium
    Tyler Conium Business Support

    A graduate of Sheridan College’s Print Journalism, Advanced Film & Television and Communications programs, Tyler was the General Manager of the Caribbean restaurant Soulyve in Orangeville for 8 years. Since transitioning out of the restaurant industry, his focus is now in health and wellness – with specific focus on management, small business support and marketing.

    In his spare time, he roots for Toronto sports franchises, which is a lot more fun than it used to be. He is also a committed volunteer, an avid reader and writer.

  • Laura McCarron
    Laura McCarron Administrator

    Laura has been an administrator for several years and has worked at Healthwise Physiotherapy for many of them. She is also the Health and Safety representative for the clinic’s two locations.

    She is passionate about helping people and thoroughly enjoys being able to work closely with the members of the community. Originally from Scotland, Laura likes to spend as much time as possible outdoors hiking, fishing, and camping.

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