Q&A Sessions – Meet the Team – Amanda Stevens

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1. What do you do at the clinic?
A. I am a Registered Physiotherapist & clinic co-owner. I treat patients using manual therapy, exercises, acupuncture, education, tape. As clinic co-owner, I also do a lot of the behind the scene things to keep a roof over our heads!

2. Favourite area of the body to treat?
A. Similar to Kourtney, I like to treat the body as a whole. I like to find the ‘driver’ for the pain. I actually really enjoy treating the thorax and even feet which is probably different than most Physiotherapists!

3. What do you like to do outside the clinic?
A. Anything outside and active. I love trail running, cycling, rock climbing and squash. I played volleyball in undergrad at UW, so am always happy to jump into a game too!

4. Favourite sport?
A. Volleyball!

5. Favourite vacation spot?
A. Last year I went to Nepal which was amazing, but Italy and Banff are top-contenders too!

6. Tell us something random about you.
A. My husband and I own an electric car.

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