Q & A Sessions – Meet the Team – Lori Overland

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1. What do you do at the clinic?
A. I am an administrator at Healthwise Physiotherapy.

2. What do you like to do outside the clinic?
A. When I am not at the clinic, I enjoy camping, sports, dancing, and playing with my kids & dogs 🙂

3. Favourite sport?
A. My favourite sports are hockey, lacrosse and baseball, although I only play one of those – baseball.

4. Favourite vacation spot?
A. I have 2 favourite vacation spots. The first is at home on the farm enjoying the peacefulness. On the more exotic side, I also love Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

5. Tell us something random about you.
A. Something random about me is that I wore cowboy boots under my wedding dress!

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