Practitioner to Patient: Part 4.

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Well it is a full 2 weeks since my injury and I am certainly starting to come around.
My xray on Tuesday showed the bones have not shifted, which is definitely a good sign!
I go for another xray this Tuesday, just to be sure. If I do have to get anything put in my wrist, I would like to know sooner rather than later!
I am also getting bone stim! This is a really low-level ultrasound machine that helps to stimulate bone growth. There is some great evidence for it for wrist fractures…. it can speed up healing from 62 days to 40 days (mind you, this was a slightly different fracture and in older women, so hopefully I can quicker than this anyway). It is often used for non-union fractures but can be used for acute fractures as well. I pick it up today and will get to start using it on Tuesday when I get a window put in my cast. The catch is that this is REALLY expensive, or of course everyone would do it. Lucky for me, my insurance covers it, so I am good to go (thanks CrossChasm!).
All in all, I am feeling much better and looking forward to rocking rehab!

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