New clinic @ the Athlete Institute

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We are very excited to announce we are opening a second clinic location at the Athlete Institute in Mono!
We are happy to provide services to the Mono and surrounding area, as well as being within a hub for high level sport in the community.
We will see WSIB, MVA and private pay patients at this location.
This location is on the 2nd floor, so there are stairs to complete with no elevator. We like to think of it as part of the therapy, but understand if this is a barrier for you. Luckily, our Centennial Rd location is fully accessible.
Opening date is July 17th, so things are quickly coming together.

Our team includes:
Saniya Dang, Physiotherapist
Amanda Stevens, Physiotherapist & Co-owner
Dave Wright, Certified Athletic Therapist
Peter Hrkal, Chiropractor & ART provider
Maurning Mayzes, Registered Massage Therapist
Sarah Ward, Administrator
Ashley McCracken, Administrator
Jennifer Hart, Physiotherapy Assistant

We have some familiar faces but also new faces at this location. We are very lucky to have a wonderful team here!

Email is the same [email protected] and you can call 519-307-8884 to book.

Thank you to the wonderful community for fostering our growth and being such an amazing place to work! We hope this location will help you with getting back to being you!

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